Feature Film  | written and directed by Hugh Schulze

This award-winning, first feature by Hugh Schulze, was called “Surprising and excellent” by the Indianapolis Independent News, NUVO.

CASS stars David Dastmalchian (Ant-Man, The Dark Knight), Rachel Naomi Hilson (The Good Wife) and James McDaniel.

The lives of a single father (McDaniel), his 15-year old daughter, and his 11-year old son are changed forever when a mysterious artist takes up residence in the abandoned home next door.

The city of Detroit is a central character in this film, a microcosm of the racial, economic and artistic issues in cities across the United States. CASS asks the question: What – and whom – do you burn for? And what happens in the space between longing and loneliness?

CASS is currently available on iTunes.

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